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Pepys and Faith – Annual Pepys Commemoration – 25 May 2012 at 12 noon

(Last Updated: 16-05-2012)

Annual Pepys Commemoration Service

Friday 25 May 2012 at 12 noon

Since 1927 (allowing for some years' interruption following the catastrophic bombing of April 1941) St Olave's has held an annual service to commemorate its most illustrious former parishioner, Samuel Pepys. The service is organised in association with The Samuel Pepys Club.

The service traditionally features an address on aspects of Pepys, his life and times and the church has been honoured to welcome a number of extremely fine speakers over the years.

This year we will be pleased to have with us Prof. Peter McCullough of Oxford University, who will speaking on the subject “Pepys and Faith”. This is a subject which we have wanted to address for a number of years and are very glad that Prof. McCullough has been able to accept our invitation on this occasion.

Prof. Peter McCullough

He is Professor and Fellow in English at Lincoln College, Oxford, and a Lay Canon of St Paul's Cathedral. His research specialism is the religious literature and history of early modern England, particularly the works of Lancelot Andrewes and John Donne , and religious life in London in the seventeenth century. He is the author of Sermons at Court: Religion and Politics in Elizabethan and Jacobean England (1998); articles on Donne, Andrewes, Shakespeare, Milton, and the London book trade; and editor of Lancelot Andrewes: Selected Sermons and Lectures (2005), The Oxford Handbook to the Early Modern Sermon (2011); and general editor of the forthcoming sixteen-volume Oxford Edition of the Sermons of John Donne. At St Paul's, Professor McCullough holds a Chapter brief for the cathedral's history and its interpretation.



In the meantime, to whet your appetite still further, here is a snapshot of what Sam thought of one contemporary preacher:

Excerpt from the Diary:
“1662 December 25th
…had a pleasant walk to Whitehall…where Bishop Morly preached upon the Song of the Angels – ‘Glory to God on high – on earth peace, and good will towards men.’  Methought he made but a poor sermon, but long and reprehending the mistaken jollity of the Court…Upon which, it was well worth observing how far they are come from taking the reprehensions of a Bishop seriously, that they all laugh in the chapel when he reflected on their ill actions and courses.  He did much press us to joy in these public days of joy and to Hospitality.  But one that stood by whispered in my eare that the Bishop himself do not spend one groate to the poor himself.  The sermon done, a good Anthem followed, with vialls; and the King come down to receive the Sacrament…”

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